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"I start a painting thinking I'm going for this one look...and they turn into something entirely different. I rarely draw a canvas out because then I am committed and I don't like to be committed to anything on a canvas."

- Anne Packard


Born and raised in Hyde Park, NY, Anne spent her summers as a child in Provincetown. Packard studied at Bard College and later studied with the late Phil Malicoat . She moved to Provincetown in 1977 after raising her five children. Packard shares a kindred relation to the sea with her grandfather Max Bohm. Bohm, was a highly acclaimed "Romantic Impressionist" at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.


She studied at the Cleveland Art School as well as the Acadamie Julien in Paris. Bohm was one of the original founding members of the artist colony in Provincetown. A self taught artist, initially her art was painted on wood panels and weathered shingles. For over fourty years, Packard’s inimitable paintings of Provincetown, the Outer Cape, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Mexico have been collected by art collectors from around the globe. 

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