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Eduardo romaguera

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The intensity of life is an inspiration for Eduardo Romaguera.  He believes art is magnificent and everyone should experience it.  Through his paintings he strives to open doors to new dimensions with extraordinary poetic energy.


Eduardo Romaguera has lived and worked in many city such as Paris, Marseille and Mexico City. Currently, he maintains his studio in Valencia, Spain. Eduardo has steadily been recognized throughout his career and is considered one of the European pop artist with the greatest trajectory potential. In particular, among the critics and public, his popular collection “Jazz” is highly revered. Highlighted in this collection are the playful shapes and colors applied with a unique technique.  



Eduardo Romaguera, has been awarded several prestigious grants.  One of the most notable, “the Communities of Artistic Creation”, was given by the government of Mexico. His works of art have been exhibited in Argentina, India, China, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, U.S.A. and Spain.

He actively participates in several European University research groups focusing on new art techniques. Romaguera is a supporter of the creation of Independent Contemporary Art Spaces. 


At Dzian Galllery

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