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Phillip Harris

Born in  the Sandhills of North Carolina, Harris earned a BFA degree from East Carolina University and an MFA degree from Washington University in St. Louis. Harris went on to teach at carious universities including Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh. Because of his low of the landscape and the rich history of painting in the Hudson Valley of New York, he settled there 25 years ago. His work has been included in exhibitions at various museums, colleges and galleries, and is in private and corporate collections throughout the country. 

Harris's current work, focusing on the landscape using oils, is similar to earlier works which depicted mesmerizing and expressive qualities of light. Unlike those earlier abstract pieces, the new work addresses the sublime and ethereal by both formal and representational means. 

"For me, it is essential to be connected to nature. The landscape mirrors the range of emotions I experience, and is the door to much of the spiritual meaning I seek. Being in nature is essential to one's wellness.. in my opinion. Working with this imagery, along with exploring the physical poetry and expressive meaning within the painting process, is the essence of these paintings."

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