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Jenn Williamson

Jenn’s intuitive sense of composition and colour are evident in each body of work she unveils; from serene & subtle, to bold and compelling, Jenn’s style is unmistakably distinct.

A fascination with texture has motivated Jenn’s pursuit of unconventional training and the acquisition of products not yet discovered by mainstream artists.  Jenn is a pioneer, her work being innovative yet incorporating many classic elements.

Jenn’s unique painting style is a striking convergence of refined texture, exquisite colour, and luxurious patinas.  She allows intuition to guide her creative process and does not rely on reference photos to inspire her work.

Jenn was born in White Rock, British Columbia.  She lived in North Vancouver during her elementary & high school years.  Jenn now resides in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, with her husband and two boys.

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