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Dragonboy and the 100 Hearts (Book 3)

Dragonboy and the 100 Hearts (Book 3)


Hardcover Book 

The third book in the Dragonboy series.

A playful little boy and his band of stuffed-animal friends celebrate love, friendship, and discovering something new in the place you least expect.


Dragonboy and his stuffed-animal friends are stuck at home, feeling as gloomy as the weather. If only they could go outside and discover something. Inside everything is the same as always. Or is it…


With patience, kindness, and old treasures made new, best friends Dragonboy, Yellow Kitty, Darwin, Drako, and Simon realize that an adventure can happen anywhere if they listen to each other and follow their hearts.


Every time someone shows kindness in this story, hearts appear! Can you find 100 hearts?


Don't miss out on book 1 and 2!

Book 1: Dragonboy 

Book 2: Dragonboy and the Wonderful Night 



Every limited print is authentically signed by Fabio Napoleoni himself, adding a touch of personalization to every single piece.

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is included with every piece, specifying the title, year of completion, dimensions and medium.



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